[媒體報導] 國璽幹細胞公司接受新加坡媒體(GLOBAL BUSINESS REPORT,簡稱GBR)採訪2015-02-24


Special report on Taiwan’s Pharmaceutical Industry – CPhI Worldwide 2015

Selected quotes from the interview with: Mr. Mercy Chuang, Chairman/CEO and Dr. Po-Cheng Lin, Vice President, Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co.

GWOXI was established in 2004, what was the motivation for setting up a company for stem cell research in Taiwan? 

Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.  (GWOXI for short) was founded with the goal to develop new applications in regenerative and preventative medicines. GWOXI has been heavily focused on stem cell technology for the treatment of cirrhosis. In 2010, the National Council of Taiwan supported GWOXI in the opening of a GTP-standard stem cell R&D center at the Biomedical Science Park in Hsinchu County. GWOXI is the first company in Taiwan to have obtained a license for stem cell applied technology and research.

What stem cells do you use for your research?

We have researched for over ten years which stem cells are most helpful for patients. We have tried bone morrow stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells – but we have found that many patients do not have such stem cells. Bone marrow stem cells are very low in patients over the age of forty. Umbilical cord stem cells must be banked in a stem cell bank from birth. We focus on adult autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs). ADSCs contain a sufficient amount of adult stem cells for autologous transplantation.Based on these benefits, ADSCs are promising candidates for clinical application when compared to other stem cell types. 

Are you collaborating with anyone in this research, locally or internationally?

National Dong Hwa University and China Medical University Hospital are our major research partners. Both of these Universities have expert team in stem cell and regenerative medicine. Since 2010, we codiscovered stem cell are promising candidates for clinical application and published in internationally journals. Especially, China Medical University Hospital is a well - equipped teaching hospital.These locally resource helpful to provide the safe and effective stem cell technologies for people in need.

What other products do you have on the market?

We have developed a stem cell mask, callous removal creams, and cleansing gels but these are not mass marketed. We are still in the prototype stage. We also have supplements derived from stem cells, which we market as “health foods.” 

You have several International Patents – what are your strategies for protecting your research and developments?

We have several IPs, which protect us in the United States as well as a number of international territories. We currently have two patents granted and a further four patents pending. It is important to protect your research and know-how; we are very stringent at GWOXI on these measures as they constitute the backbone of our work.

How is the Taiwanese government supportive of pharmaceutical research in Taiwan?

The government of Taiwan needs to expand their interest and support within the industry. The government is very supportive of generic drug development as they see it as a greater source of revenue. However, research and development is important for Taiwan to be a leader in drug development.

What is the focus and vision for GWOXI in the coming years?

GWOXI will continue to expand on applications and integrations for stem cell research, tissue regeneration, and genetic engineering. GWOXI’s deposit bank for autologous adipose-derived stem cells is officially open to the public since September 2013. And the first time stem cell clinical trial for liver cirrhosis in Taiwan will be kick off in April 2015. These make GWOXI a leader in stem cell-regenerative medicine in Taiwan and we hope to maintain that leadership going forward.